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it. what's going on with george zimmerman. the trial the rest of the media refuses to cover. >> can they stand any mayhem. the broward county sheriff's department is expecting the worse. they released a psa, public service announcement, to plead them not to riot. >> no cops, no guns. >> unless the violence arrest because we can easily end up arrested. >> i know your patience will be tested but law enforcement doesn't. >> choose not to act up. deputies are with us so don't act up. >> let it roll off your shoulders, don't roll back. in one instance it can be over. make a choice to raise your voice but not dance. >> i'm sheriff scott israel and law enforcement does have your back. >> that was definitely a thing we just watched. they leased a statement that says, freedom of expression is a constitutional right while raising your voice is encoura d encouraged, using your hands is not. all right, harris, is this tape expecting the worse in people? >> absolutely. absolutely. and you know, the thing that -- i guess it's an interesting attempt to diffuse a situation that hasn't even happene
live at the courthouse in sanford, florida where the fate of george zimmerman is now in the hands of the jury. hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly and thanks for watching us tonight. we are officially on verdict watch in the george zimmerman murder trial. day one of deliberations has ended without a verdict. the six person all-female panel is deciding if george zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder, manslaughter, or not guilty of either charge in the death of trayvon martin. there is also a fourth possible outcome though, a hung jury. throughout the hour, the factor will bring you the most comprehensive and responsible coverage of every development in this case. but, first, a recap of the
, right? >> yes, sir. >> as testimony in the zimmerman trial winds up, dummies are now in play, we're not talking about the media we'll have the latest from the trial even as florida prepares for possible rioting. >> you guys are awnch before scum bags. you shouldn't be here. >> we are just trying to get to the truth. and bigotry is not evidence. >> the boston marathon terrorist makes his first appearance in court. he is facing execution if found guilty. we will tell you what's happening up there.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3